Easy Peasy!
Just pick the designs you like and decide on how many A4 sticker sheets you want. Remember that each sticker sheet has 40 stickers, each of size 4.85cm (length) x 2.54cm (height). Oh! And also, create your own personalized message you wish to see on your stickers!
Follow these simple steps and you're on your way to receiving your customized stickers from The Stickiez! Let me guide you through these steps!

1. Fill in the Order Form by copying the format below and email it to us at!

1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Email:
4. Telephone:
5. Number of sticker sheets: 1/2/3/4, etc

Sheet 1
Design code(s):
Message for 1st design:
Message for 2nd design:
Messsage for 3rd design, so forth (depends on the number of designs you want per sticker sheet)

Sheet 2
Design code(s):
Message for 1st design:
Message for 2nd design:
Messsage for 3rd design, so forth (depends on the no. of designs you want per sticker sheet)

6. Other comments (eg. prefer black and white instead of colour)If you need to see a sample of a filled order form, feel free to see our reference order form which has been filled up already! Click here!

Please note that your personalized messages cannot be too long or else there’ll be difficulty fitting the messages into the labels. The max word limit is 15 words per label.

2. Email your order form to

3. You will receive a confirmation email from us!

We will send you a confirmation email after we have received your order. We may take around 1 or 2 days to get back to you!
This email will contain the reference number you need for transfer payment later.

4. Payment

For Singapore orders: Kindly transfer payment to DBS Savings Plus, Account no: 023-7-029490 within 2 working days. Email your reference number after your transaction. The reference number will be provided in the confirmation email we sent to you.

Overseas orders:
Kindly email for more payment options.
5. Receive drafts of your Customized stickers and verify the designs and texts before printing.

We will send you drafts of your stickers shortly after recieving your payment. You can help us to process your order faster by emailing to us within 2 days to verify your sticker designs and text. If you find some errors in wordings, please do indicate to us and we'll correct it! However, you will not be able to change the design of your stickers the last minute.

** Note: If we do not receive a reply from you after 3 days, we take it that no changes need to be made and can be sent for final printing. Hence, these drafts will be treated as the final copy, which will be sent for printing.

6. Stickers arrived!

We will print and mail out your stickers as soon as you confirm your sticker drafts! It will take an average of 2 working days for the stickers to reach you via post after you have confirmed the designs.

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