What is good about the Stickiez?
Basically, if you need relatively small quantities of labels, or you desire to have multiple designs, the service provided in this website is your answer!

What font and font size are you using?'
The default font will be our standard Stickiez Font, as shown in most of the sample stickers. If you do have any font that you particularly like, please do suggest to us.

The font size used depends on how many words you choose to fit into your label. We will choose the font size that looks and fits best for your label!
 Do note that the maximum no. of words per label is 15.

What are the size of the labels?
The stickers will be printed on default A4 size sticker sheets as can be seen below.

There are a total of 40 labels on a single sheet. And each sticker has a dimension of 5.25cm (length) x 2.97cm (height).
Double click on the image for an enlarged version.

Can I mix and match the labels?
Of course you can! You can mix and match the designs on the same A4 sticker sheet to get multiple designs. However, you can only mix and match a maximum of 5 designs in a sheet. And also note that there are different rates if you decide to mix more designs within a sheet.

 What is the minimum number of labels I need to order?The minimum number of labels you will need to order is a single A4 sheet of stickers.


Will the labels be in colour?Yes, the labels will be printed in full colour. However, if you prefer otherwise ( and white), of course we’ll be glad to help. Just indicate your colour preference in the order form. If not, all orders will be assumed to be preferred in full colour.

How is the quality of printing?We use high quality laser printing, so the quality of your stickers' text and graphics is assured!

What kind of materials do you print on?The stickers will be printed on matte stickers! This material feels like any ordinary A4 paper but smoother.

What are your rates?

Our rates are based on the no. of designs per single A4 sheet of sticker. Postage within Singapore is free!

1 design- $7.00
2 designs - $7.50
3 designs - $8.00
4 designs -$8.50
and so forth

Singapore: For a 100% ensured delivery to your house, pls top up an additional $2 to your total bill (due to registered mail). For overseas orders, postage prices are subject to prevailing overseas postage rates.

Payment mode
Singapore customers:Bank Transfer to DBS Savings Plus, Account no: 023-7-029490.
Overseas order: We do accept overseas orders too! please email for more payment options!

Please note that the sooner you reply to the confirmation mail, the sooner you will get your stickers! Payment has to be transferred 2 working days after receiving the confirmation email. Kindly email your reference number to soon after payment has been made. 

How will my labels be delivered?

Via mail! The whole process of ordering it to getting it on hand will take about 5 to 6 days. And good news, postage will be free!


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