Welcome! :D Customise your stickers here!

These stickers are affordable and colourful and what’s best is that you can customize your own message to make these stickers uniquely yours!

These stickers are printed using HIGH QUALITY LASER printer on stickers made in Germany!So be assured of the quality
  • Print your name, address, phone number, school name, class, special messages or basically anything on these colourful designs!
  • Personalize your belongings like books, stationary, envelopes and card!
  • Add a colourful and creative touch to your otherwise boring stationaries or envelopes!
  • Identify your stuff and prevent your things from going missing! Sizes
    Your stickers will be printed on matte A4 size sticker sheets.
    We offer the following sizes:
    1) Sticker Dimension: 4.85cm(length) x 2.54cm (height)There will be a total of 40 STICKERS per A4 sheet of sticker.

    2) Dimensions: 9.91cm (length) x 5.7cm (height) - total of 10 stickers per sheet
    3) Dimensions: 10.5cm (length) x 7.1cm (height) - total of 8 stickers per sheet
    Click here to view more details on our sticker sizes.
    Our rates are affordable compared to many other sticker services and the rates are based on the no. of designs per A4 sheet of sticker! (All prices are in SGD)

    1 or 2 designs - $7.00
    3 designs - $8.00
    4 designs -$9.00
  • Click here on how to order and customize your stickers now!
  • Click here to create your corporate stickers with your company's logo
  • Click here for more sticker designs!
  • Click here for FAQs (questions on rates, payment, etc)
    For any further enquiries, please feel free to email us at stickiez@hotmail.com
Some common text on stickers
1. Name
2.Name + address (to be pasted on envelopes/files)
3. Encouragement by teachers/parents by printing "Excellent" or "great work"
4. Thank you
5. Good Luck
6. I love you
7. personalized stickers with your business name
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